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Nater's World
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Hi everyone. This is Nater and I want to tell you about my story. I live in Fairmont MN and I live on
Amber Lake. My first car will be a 1989 Honda Civic Dx and I like to use the internet.

Amsome Hint
Here is a trick I learned all by myself using the internet. Go to a free email service like:
or Mailcity
or Netaddress
and create an email that sounds like an email that an employer would use on there and get a lot of email addresses of people from the service you use, then write a message saying how you need the submission of there password to verify something and sometime people stupid enough actully submit there password. The odds are 6 of every 40 email addresses will yield good results.

Links that are cool
Maxis has cool games like Sim City 2000 and all of its add-ons great site!
Wbs Chat is the coolest chat site on the web. In its combined rooms, it reaches 6000 people at night. It also has cool features that no other chat does like its own network email system and chat people finder. Check it out!

I need support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If anyone wants to support my webpage with dough to keep it up, email me at for details. We could make this page sore. If anyone wants their short storys published the email me. It would be great if you emailed me and told me about my page and how you liked or disliked it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!