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Vigo the Carpathian

Vigo the Carpatian In 1500, an interesting man was born. Vigo was his first name. His full name was Vigo von Homborg Deutschendorf. He was a prince in Carpathia in the Eastern countrys by Hungry and Rome. He was a cruel and horrible man. He was very spiritual and contacted spirits or ghosts all over the world. He was know as Vigo the horrible, Vigo the Cruel, and Vigo the Deciever. Hated by everone around him he ruled as king for ages. He lived for 105 year until 1605 when he was poisoned, shot, hung streched, and beheaded. His last words were "Death is but door and time is but a window I'll be back!" He had plans of coming back to life when the Ghostbusters ruined his plan and sent him to "Hell" basically, but when the painting turned into the Lenoardo painting of the Ghostbuster came to be, Vigo was transfered to the afterlife where everyone else is. His last dying words will hold true bacause he plans to strike back not in 1990 like planed, but for the new century and the next 1000 years and forever. This time in Los Angelos, he will feed on the hate which is 5x stronger due to the increase in crime and the constant change of life in which humans are more evil and hateful then ever. LONG LIVE VIGO. 4/13/97 7:36 PM

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Nate Schmidtke

Vigo praises you for coming here wonderful times